As-Built Surveys

Pipe locatesThompson Conn carries out a full range of as-built surveys for various industrial, commercial and residential clients. An as-built survey is undertaken during or immediately after a construction project for record, completion evaluation and payment purposes. An as-built survey also known as a ‘works as executed survey’ documents the location of the recently constructed elements that are subject to completion evaluation. The as-built survey should begin as soon as it becomes feasible, meaning that the actual horizontal and vertical locations of features in the completed structure should be determined as soon as the features are erected. These locations can then be compared with the original plans to show any variances, such as volume of material used in the construction and in the case of underground utilities, their exact location for future consideration such as repairs and maintenance, or tying into them for additional services.

These surveys are carried out using a suite of GPS receivers, total stations and conventional instruments and leveling equipment.  During the data collection process each feature is coded as per client specification and deliverables are available in a multitude of digital formats and hardcopy.

Some projects that Thompson Conn has completed are the milling, resurfacing and extension of the runways at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, sewer and water services in Burnside Business Park and Dartmouth Crossing, the twinning of Highway 101 in the Windsor, NS area and the Walmart expansion, Dartmouth location.