Subdividing Land

Man taking land survey measurementsThe subdivision of land, whether it is the division of a small parcel of land into two separate lots or the creation of many lots from a large block of land, requires a legal survey and Municipal approval. Thompson Conn, through its knowledge and experience, can assist you through all the subdivision and planning steps leading to final municipal approval and registration of the subdivision.

Small Lots

There are many factors that control the division of land including: Municipal By-Laws, Zoning, and Environmental requirements. On unserviced lots, soil assessments must be made by a Qualified Person and close consideration must be given to wetlands and watercourses. For serviced lots, a lot Grading Plan is required in order to be granted a building permit. This plan shows the proposed house location, connection to the services and the proposed lot grading to ensure positive surface drainage.

On behalf of the landowner, Thompson Conn will liaise with the municipal authorities with respect to land use and subdivision by-laws to facilitate subdivision approvals.

Sample Subdivision PlanLarge Lots

Thompson Conn will work closely with the developer and other consultants to ensure that all work is accomplished in a timely manner. We have a very good working relationship with Municipal staff and work with them from concept to final endorsement.

In conjunction with Eastcan Geomatics, we can provide design grade topographical mapping to ensure that the early design work is based on existing conditions. From the detailed topographic survey stage through to the staking of the roads and lots and through to the production of plans, our surveys are accomplished with an eye to detail and performance.