Location Certificates

Sample Location CertificateLocation Certificates serve several purposes. They are usually required by Municipal Building Inspectors to insure that new construction has been built in accordance with municipal and subdivision by-laws related to boundary sideyard or street line setbacks.  They may also be recommended by lending institutions to certify that the building lies entirely within the lot being purchased or refinanced and that improvements to the property do not encroach onto adjoining lands.

A Location Certificate provides a major advantage over relying solely on Title Insurance, in that a potential problem can be dealt with prior to or in conjunction with the property purchase.

Thompson Conn Limited has extensive experience and a solid reputation for providing on-time Location Certificates to Realtors, Home Buyers, Home Builders, Commercial and Retail Developers.  We have prepared Location Certificates for residential dwellings in both rural and urban subdivisions, hotels, office towers, industrial buildings, department stores and retail outlets within Downtown Halifax, Burnside Industrial Park, Burnside Business Park, Bayer’s Lake Retail Park, Dartmouth Crossing, Tacoma Centre and Bedford Commons.