Accident Investigation Services

Car accidentUsing the latest in GPS and total station technology Thompson Conn can accurately collect data to depict an accident scene. During an accident survey, the survey team accurately measures the site of the accident with a margin of error of just a few millimetres. The result of the accident survey would be an autoCAD drawing allowing the viewer to understand the accident site quite accurately.

Accident surveys utilize specialized equipment that allows the taking of measurements without requiring the closing of the road. In many cases, the surveying equipment can be placed at the side of the road and does not obstruct traffic or require surveyors to set foot in the road. Every item within the accident area is covered by the surveyors, from utility poles and even the wires hanging between the poles to sidewalks, driveways, and potholes. Important roadway features such as width and slopes are also shown, with the degree of accuracy necessary to solve nearly any dispute. If the vehicles involved in the accident are still in position, the accident survey also measures their precise location. In essence, the finished product is the accident scene in its entirety, exactly as it appears in real life.

This information obtained during the accident survey can be used in accident investigation by various law enforcement agencies or insurance companies to study the root cause of the accident and to support or disapprove a causation theory.