Canada Lands Surveys

Canada Land Survey of Afton Indian ReserveA Canada Lands Surveyor (CLS) must be retained by federal statute for boundary surveys in any National Park of Canada, for surveys conducted on surrendered lands or a reserve as defined in the Indian Act, any lands under water belonging to Her Majesty in right of Canada and any lands of Her Majesty in right of Canada situated in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut.

A Nova Scotia Land Surveyor must also hold a commission as a CLS in order to survey boundaries in common with National Parks and Indian Reserves within the Province of Nova Scotia under the provisions of the Canada Lands Surveys Act.

Thompson Conn has carried out surveys adjoining the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, on Indian Reserve No. 21 at Pomquet and Indian Reserve No. 23 at Afton for highway widening and interchange development.