Quantity Surveys

Thompson Conn provides quantity surveys for all manner of pit and pile volume calculations for quarries and construction projects. The purpose of the quantity survey is to accurately calculate the amount of materials excavated from borrow pits, stored in stock piles, cut/fill calculations for the construction of roads and building pads. Before and after surveys can be subtracted from each other to give rapid and reliable quantities of earthworks used for a particular project.

These surveys are carried out using a suite of GPS receivers, total stations and conventional instruments and leveling equipment. Data collected for the volumes are calculated at the processing stage and their outputs can be supplied in total volumes, cut/fill for on site stakeout for road and building pad construction as well as cut/fill profile drawings. We have a proven track record for providing reliable and precise volumetric survey services tailored to client needs.

Projects include various construction sites in the Burnside Business Park and Dartmouth Crossing, the twinning of the 101 Highway near Windsor and Conrad Brothers Quarry in Dartmouth.